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ER-ITN is a web based tool that allows emergency responder, critical infrastructure (CI/KR) and support / volunteer organizations (sponsors) to register their essential personnel with basic identity information in compliance with access requirements published by a state agency and/or local jurisdiction. Identity information includes IDs used to verify identity, employment or sponsorship status, memberships (special teams or other affiliations) and any other attributes requiring validation to justify expedited access to, transit through, or to deliver mutual aid to the emergency zone. 

The ER-ITN has been proven in actual disaster events including hurricanes and other storms and is currently in use in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Rollout to other states and regions is ongoing with leadership from the Emergency Services Sector Coordinating Council (ESSCC), the official advisory board to the US Department of Homeland Security.

Tens of thousands of personnel from thousands of organizations are enrolled across every sector. Large multinational companies, local businesses, government and military, volunteer organizations...All types and all sizes already coordinate using ER-ITN to respond, repair, restart and rebuild our local economies safely and securely.  Some of the marque organizations benefiting from the ER-ITN include Lowes, Wal-Mart, Verizon, Cardinal Health, and Chevron. 



Positive-ID is available nationwide and is used by companies large and small to interact with one another and with their customers, including using SMS/MMS and native applications on mobile phones and tablets. 





Positive-ID provides businesses and individuals with a secure, flexible, trusted personal safety and access infrastructure within Colombia, South America. Focused on meeting the security needs on a national-level, Positive-ID enables businesses and residential environments to provide a seamless, integrated network for individuals to better identify themselves, as well as their verified privileges and memberships, including for access.